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Designer & mentor, working to humanize data

Having a mixed background in computer engineering and visual communication has allowed me to explore their overlaps in information management and human/computer interaction. My endeavours have repeatedly led to positive business outcomes, great user feedback, and professional recognition in design, journalism, and statistics.

Surprisingly, I began my professional path in the newsroom, pushing at the limits of the faltering industry for almost a decade. After a quick detour through marketing, I eventually came back to my original passion: software development.

Along this journey, I have met exceptional people, contributing in immeasurable ways: giving me opportunities to prove myself, mentoring me out of foolish mistakes, trusting me to lead our joint initiatives. Likewise, I support the up-and-coming talent, also sharing my experience through writing, lectures, and workshops.

Over time, I have acquired an extensive network of contacts: forward-thinking organizations on the one hand and world-class talent on the other. They often turn to me for career advice or help with recruitment. I welcome both and care a lot about each finding the other. A practice rests or falls on the community of its practitioners.

I currently reside in Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital city, with my partner Katja, daughter Mila, and our cats Črka and Pika. When I am not climbing, mountain-biking or slacklining, I like to tinker with electronics, build Legos, make anything with my hands. It keeps me calm and my body sharp.

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