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I currently work as an independent product consultant, focusing on three key growth areas for data product teams. My tried and tested programs create the most value in the least amount of time, and empower teams to continue on their own afterward.

1: Reduce the risk of new development

I introduce a cost-effective product development method, focused on rapid prototyping and pre-production validation. We work together to implement it into the team workflow.

2: Deliver more effective interfaces

I use the latest expertise in human-data interaction to best address the users' needs. To scale the effort, we create design guidelines and reusable user interface components.

3: Make design an internal capability

I work with company leadership to recruit, mentor and manage a design operation. We institutionalize skills, workflows, and infrastructure to design world-class products.

Success stories

Factory robot and two people.

Case: Kolektor

Future of robots, on the line

Developer provisioning IoT data plans

Case: Confidential

Global local IoT connectivity

Team working on IoT prototypes

Case: Confidential

Hello, Thing!

Reader enjoying a newspaper infographic

Case: Dnevnik

Being objective. Or are we?

Why me?

Going deep, rather than wide

I feel most comfortable dedicating myself to one or two high-impact initiatives at a time, often for years. I relish delayed gratification that comes with profound insight and challenging the status quo.


I seldom know exactly where I am going. Where is the fun in being sure about everything? I venture into the unknown step-by-step, taking controlled risks, accumulating successes along the way.

Outcomes > deliverables

I take pride in polished artifacts, as we all do. But true joy and value come from knowing that what we made helps people enhance their capabilities, learn something new or overcome a real-life challenge.


As an individual, I am limited in the complexity I can comprehend and the scale of work I can deliver. The challenges I am interested in pursuing tend to require a dedicated effort from an integrated team.

Work-life ballance

I learned it the hard way: don't waste talent on overtime work and copious amounts of stimulants. Breakthroughs come from prolonged exploration. To endure it, one needs to rest the body and focus the mind.

Areas of interest

Universal control

Transcending limits of physical and digital user interfaces with IoT. Providing best one for each use-case, and having them all work in sync.

Remote collaboration

Using digital twins and live data feeds to enable assistance from anywhere, anytime. Making decisions with best people, not the nearest ones.

Higher transparency

Using visualization, sonification, physicalization to unveil states and events in a complex system, make them understandable to any user.

Deeper insights

Democratizing analytics with dashboards and research portals. Supercharging advanced users with API access and in-depth resources.

Smarter automation

Providing meaningful and trustworthy automation based on a deep understanding of workflows, people's habits, and legal boundaries.

Fair sharing

Spreading the value of data beyond silos. Creating data brokerages that operate with security, integrity, and GDPR in mind.

Trusted by

Contributed to millions of euros in revenue at the Slovene cloud innovator, by implementing prestudies. Established and scaled design operations to meet the 200% growth of the company in the last 4 years.

Supported several teams at a global telecom OEM over a period of 4 years. A series of prestudies helped shape their IoT services portfolio, while better design integration in production helped reduce cost & time to market.

Led the graphics desk at Slovenian newspaper from obscurity towards international recognition in 3 years, while co-producting the regular section that pioneered graphic & data journalism in the region.

Consulted several teams at a Scandinavian MedTech OEM over a period of 2 years. Helped kick-start their first digital twin and succesfully advocated for a bespoke design system to accelerate the development of others.

Helped the R&D arm of Slovenian manufacturing giant deploy collaborative robots to their factories in under a year. Improved human/robot interaction and accelerated deployments by co-creating a bespoke design system.

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