Designer and technologist, working to humanize data

Man on a mission

I believe we have reached the limit of human data comprehension and, in effect, data utility. Increasingly complex software and the proliferation of connected devices are accelerating data creation exponentially. I have dedicated my career to putting data into effective, responsible use.

I currently work as an independent product consultant to growing companies in the space of data products. I help reduce the risk of new product development, make user-facing offerings more compelling, and deploy in-house design as a competitive advantage.

My trackrecord


years of experience in design, journalism and software.


companies I worked with to launch new data products.


internationally succesfull teams I helped establish.


of amazing people in my international network.


lectures, workshops and training programs to date.


of international attendants, students and professionals.


talents I discovered and helped progress in their career.


average satisfaction score, based on their feedback.

Where I am coming from

Having a mixed background in computer engineering and visual communication has allowed me to explore their overlaps in information management and human/computer interaction. First in media production, then in software development.

My work spans IoT and digital twins, infographics and data visualization, cartography and spatial orientation, atomic content and contextual information. It repeatedly led to positive business outcomes, great user feedback, and professional recognition in design, journalism, and statistics.

I have met exceptional people along this journey, contributing in immeasurable ways: giving me opportunities to prove myself, mentoring me out of foolish mistakes, trusting me to lead our joint initiatives. Likewise, I support the up-and-coming talent, also sharing my experience through writing, lectures, and workshops.

Over time, I have acquired an extensive network of contacts: forward-thinking organizations on the one hand and world-class talent on the other. They often turn to me for career advice or help with recruitment. I welcome both and care a lot about each finding the other. A practice rests or falls on the community of its practitioners.

I currently reside in Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital city, with my partner Katja, daughter Mila, and our cats Črka and Pika. When I am not climbing, mountain-biking or slacklining, I like to tinker with electronics, build Legos, make anything with my hands. It keeps me calm and my body sharp.

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