Hello! I am Aljaž Vindiš, designer & technologist, spearheading teams on digital ventures. What brings you here?

My background

For over fifteen years, I have been working and playing at the intersections of design and technology: from human-computer interaction to media production. Call me a generalist, if you will: having acquired a rich skill-set and diverse perspectives along the way.

My individual work and team collaborations have repeatedly led to outstanding results and international recognition from fields of design, statistics, and journalism.

Many exceptional people have contributed to this: giving me opportunities to prove myself, mentoring me out of foolish mistakes, trusting me to lead our joint initiatives. Likewise, I support the up-and-coming talent, also sharing my experience through writing, lectures, and workshops.

When I am not climbing, mountain-biking or slacklining, I like to spend time tinkering with electronics, building Legos, making anything with my hands. I will also gladly share a cup of good coffee or prepare a home-cooked meal that brings us together for a chat.

I currently reside in Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital city, together with my partner Katja, daughter Mila, and our cat Črka.

My guiding principles

Go deep, rather than wide

I feel most comfortable dedicating myself to one or two high-impact initiatives at a time, often for years. I relish delayed gratification that comes with profound insight and challenging the status quo.


I seldom know exactly where I am going. Where is the fun in being sure about everything? I venture into the unknown step-by-step, taking controlled risks, accumulating successes along the way.

Outcomes > deliverables

I take pride in polished artifacts, as we all do. But true joy and value come from knowing that what we made helps people enhance their capabilities, learn something new or overcome a real-life challenge.


As an individual, I am limited in the complexity I can comprehend and the scale of work I can deliver. The challenges I am interested in pursuing tend to require a dedicated effort from an integrated team.