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Outcomes over deliverables

I feel most comfortable dedicating myself to one or two high-impact initiatives at a time, often for years. I relish delayed gratification that comes with profound insight and challenging the status quo.

Co-founded the digital product design school, operating from Slovenia. We run community meet-ups, offer training courses, and organize design internships with leading companies in the region.

Contributed to 7-figure revenue at the Slovene cloud innovator, by implementing prestudies. Established and scaled design operations to meet 200% company growth over a 4 year period.

Supported a global telecom OEM for 4 years. A series of prestudies helped shape their IoT services portfolio, while better design integration in production helped reduce cost & time to market.

Led the graphics desk at Slovenian newspaper to international recognition in 3 years. Co-producted the regular section Objektivno, that pioneered graphic & data journalism in the region.

Consulted a Scandinavian MedTech OEM over a period of 2 years. Helped validate their first digital twin. Succesfully advocated for a bespoke design system, accelerating development of others.

Helped the international manufacturer deploy collaborative robots to factories in under a year. Improved human/robot interaction and accelerated deployments by co-creating a design system.

As an individual, I am limited in the complexity I can take in and the scale of work I can deliver. The challenges I am interested in pursuing tend to require a dedicated effort from an integrated team.

Designer and developer creating a product

Case: 3fs

Finding the way to scalability

Factory robot and two people.

Case: Kolektor

Future of robots, on the line

Doctor presenting patient's ventilation data

Case: Getinge

Taking a breath from Covid-19

Developer provisioning IoT data plans

Case: Ericsson

Global local IoT connectivity

Team working on IoT prototypes

Case: Ericsson

Hello, Thing!

Reader enjoying a newspaper infographic

Case: Dnevnik

Telling stories with data

We seldom know exactly where we are going. Where is the fun in being sure about everything? Let us venture into the unknown step-by-step, taking controlled risks, succeding or learning, together.

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