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Pushing the limits of human-data interaction

Designer and developer creating a product

Case: 3fs

Finding the way to scalability

Factory robot and two people.

Case: Kolektor

Future of robots, on the line

Developer provisioning IoT data plans

Case: Ericsson

Global local IoT connectivity

Team working on IoT prototypes

Case: Ericsson

Hello, Thing!

Reader enjoying a newspaper infographic

Case: Dnevnik

Telling stories with data

I have been fortunate to work with leading companies in the space of data products and data infrastructure. Latest collaborations include IoT solutions being deployed today by tier 1 companies from Scandinavia.

Contributed to 7-figure revenue at the Slovene cloud innovator, by implementing prestudies. Established and scaled design operations to meet 200% company growth over a 4 year period.

Helped the international manufacturer deploy collaborative robots to factories in under a year. Improved human-robot interaction and accelerated deployments by co-creating a design system.

Supported a global telecom OEM for 4 years. A series of prestudies helped shape their IoT services portfolio, while better design integration in production helped reduce cost & time to market.

Led the graphics desk at Slovenian newspaper to international recognition in 3 years. Co-producted the regular section Objektivno, that pioneered graphic & data journalism in the region.

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We have to understand the business objectives and user tasks that accessible data can help unlock, for the marvelous technologies we use to have any chance at demonstrating their real-life potential.

Universal control

Transcending limits of physical and digital user interfaces with IoT. Providing best one for each use-case, and having them all work in sync.

Remote collaboration

Using digital twins and live data feeds to enable assistance from anywhere, anytime. Making decisions with best people, not the nearest ones.

Higher transparency

Using visualization, sonification, physicalization to unveil states and events in a complex system, make them understandable to any user.

Deeper insights

Democratizing analytics with dashboards and research portals. Supercharging advanced users with API access and in-depth resources.

Smarter automation

Providing meaningful and trustworthy automation based on a deep understanding of workflows, people's habits, and legal boundaries.

Fair sharing

Spreading the value of data beyond silos. Creating data brokerages that operate with security, integrity, and GDPR in mind.

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